Masakado Taira Exhibition

Guardian Spirit of Edo/Kanda Myoujin Shrine /The enshrined spirit of Masakado Taira/3rd Year of the Reiwa Emperor’s Reign, ceremony for the 6th renewal of the Grave of Masakado Taira

Masakado Taira Exhibition

~ Unwavering justice and true charity ~

December 3 2021- December 4th(Friday)

This performance has all been completed.


Mid Heian Period

Masakado Taira was a man feared by the Imperial court and strongmen of Kanto, which led to an unfortunate death.

For over 1000 years his soul has rested in the Kanda Myouji Shrine

What type of person was Masakado Taira?

We invite you to see the justice and benevolence hidden in our hearts, given form as a dance and martial arts performance.


Event Information

All events require tickets.

Due to the measures to curb the Coronavirus pandemic there is limited seating.

Please buy tickets in advance


The Seated Show/The Show

December 3rd (Friday) 16:00 Performance starts

A fantastic show full of dance, drama, sword fights and laughs.



Samurai Spirit: Running Stream/Samurai Theatre 1 st Section

December 4th (Saturday) 11:00 Performance starts

A show for all ages, from children to grandparents full of beautiful martial arts demonstrations that will take your breath away.



Samurai Spirit: Running Stream/Samurai Theatre 2nd Section

December 4th (Saturday) 14:00 Performance starts

A show for all ages, from children to grandparents full of beautiful martial arts demonstrations that will take your breath away.


​~ Notice ~

Due to circumstances beyond our control the Manjusaka program has been cancelled.

Venue Information

Venue Name:




2-16-2 Soto-Kanda,Chiyoda District, Tokyo

5 minute walk from Ochanomizu Station (Hijiribashi Exit)7 minute wak from Akihabara Station (Electric City Exit)

5 Minute walk from Ochanomizu Station (Exit Number 1)
5 Minute walk from Shin-Ochanomizu Station (B1 Exit)

5 Minute walk from Suehirocho Station


CoCoRo Incorporated


 Kanda Myouji Shrine

Chiyoda Chuo Cultural Exchange Promotion Organisation

Savvy International Incorporated


Yumiko Suga (Announcer)

Started as an announcer at Television Nigata Network

Currently a member of the Horipro Announcers’ Room

Oversees the morning news report programs of various local offices, in particular checking the quality of recital.


The legend of Masakado Taira

He lived over 1000 years ago in the middle of the Heian period.

Masakado Taira was a man born in Bando,

It was an age where the idea of Samurai was yet to be created, and nobles rode on horseback spearheading the attack.

Despite cursing the absurdity of society, this man of the lineage of Emperor Kanmu continued throughout time to wish for the health of the people of Kanto.

This is the legend of a brave hero, who like a blossom bloomed fleetingly in a burst of bravery, before falling in the wind.


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Measures regarding Booths

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・See-through partitioning screens are employed for splash prevention.

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Measures for Outside Events

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Due to the spread of Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) the event may be canceled with no priorwarning. In this event, please note that we will calculate the amount of money returned.

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